Monday, January 18, 2010

Warming Spell

Wow. What a weird stretch of warm weather. I thought for sure that wind storm was ushering in some wicked rain, but instead it seems to have swept winter from the sky. I'm seeing buds on all the plants I thought had frozen to death, it's wonderful, except I'm a little nervous about them freezing again before spring comes in earnest. Flutter anticipates the warmer, longer days with a carninal of color in the store. It's rosier and cozier than normal in here, lots of golds and reds. My favorite new addition is a deep purply-brown leather psychiatrist couch. I guess it could be called a fainting couch, or a lounge, but whatever you call it it's awesome. Maybe I'll set out my little "Psychoanalysis 5 cents" sign, and channel Lucy's special brand of Freudian delving.

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