Monday, January 11, 2010

The King! (no, not that one..)

WHEW! December really ended with a bang here at Flutter. I hope everyone had fun getting and giving during the holidays, I know I did. My favortite present was one I gave Lola, an old-school nintendo with all my favorite games. I can't tell which of us is more pleased. No, I take it back! The best presents were the ones Flutter got: A shop vac, a Brita filter and....a new kitty! He's skulking around the (very organized) back of the store right now, giving his new home the old sniff test. His name is King, and he came from the humane society this morning. He got his name from his tough-cat lip curl, actually a wound from a battle with a car (you should see the other guy). I look forward to getting to know him better. After the holidays we did some major spring cleaning, which means that a few big items have been re-priced. All the furniture in the pictures below is now reduced!

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