Saturday, May 23, 2009


I spoke with Sonia of URCHIN fame yesterday about posting this mini-showcase of her work online with a mini-bio to accompany it. We had a little banter about inspirations and sources, then I got down to the nitty gritty- which movie should she have done the costumes for? Her answer was revealing: Brazil, the gorgeous futuristic masterpiece of fantasy by Terry Gilliam. Her love of baroque details and metallic greige would have redefined the film's take on fraught couture. Sonia has a velvet touch with old dresses, gently and deftly loving them into new creatures. It's like each dress is an Eliza Doolittle, and she's Henry Higgins giving them a glamorous new lease on life. Hey, she should design for the remake of My Fair Lady while she's at it. Sonia has great style intuition. Below is the complete, in-depth q&a with the genius herself:

Who would I want to collaborate with?

PJ Harvey.

What movie would I want to have worked on the costumes for?
Brazil definately..

What is my favorite food?

What is the biggest risk on a random night out with me?
That I may rescue a stray cat or a large piece of wood, metal whatever to make something out of.

What are your cats names?

Well, they came from the shelter with names already which they seemed to respond too, so Bruno (the shell shocked one who was dragged behind a car) got to keep his name, as I figured he`d been through enough) and Oogie Boogie (my 2 year old fattie) became: Oogamus Maximus Shnorkimus Catimus. Which means Fat Oogie cat who shnorks when breathing.

If you weren't sewing, what would you be doing?

A million things. Gardening, making art, working out, seeing friends.......

Whats your background?

Well, I went to Otis/Parsons school of art & design in L.A., intending to come out a fine artist, but took a summer class at the local college in illustration to try to figure out how I would make a living while being an artist, and the instructor came in drunk the first 2 classes. I took that as a sign to go into fashion as my major, and do fine art, not commercial, for myself.

What would you do if you were not an artist or fashion designer?

Architecture for sure. I would have chosen that first, but was told at the time that you need to be really good at math, and since math makes me almost break out in hives...........anyway, now I hear there are computers or something that calculate that for you.. Sigh.

of course Sonia's lovely Urchin line is available at Flutter, but did we mention each of her beautiful creations can be custom fit to you or she can custom make a piece especially for you!
check out more of Urchin's Designs on Flutter's Designer page.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Vay-cay in L.A.

This weekend I went to L.A. to visit family and family friends. It was so gorgeous down there! Lola and I went to Disneyland and had an amazing time. It was my first time this year being out in the heat, trekking all over that park for 14 hours in 90 degree weather- I think I was a little delirious towards the end. We drank a few $4 bottles of water and ate about 20 frozen lemonade cups. I was really inspired by all the fantastical structures everywhere with dreamy shapes and colors, the intricate landscaping..oh, yeah, the rides were good too. I love all the rides on boats. I kept noticing the wallpaper, too, like in the new orleans cafe, or the haunted mansion- unfortunately, these pictures are a little blurry because I took them mostly with my camera phone in the dark. These pictures remind me of the games in the back of kid magazines, where they show you a super close-up of, say, toothbrush bristles, and you have to guess what it is. If you can't guess what these pictures are of, check the answer at the bottom. xo sk

1. exhibit tent roof, 2. ambient shapescape in "its a small world" (it made me cry (the ride, not the shape)), 3.underside of a tiki-room lamp, 4. wallpaper in the mark twain cafe (i think thats what it was called), 5. delphinia

Monday, May 4, 2009

new look for spring: a tan, and rain gear

I had fun taking photos in the shop today, everything looked extra appealing. I love the creepy porcelain doll heads! Lola was a good sport and posed with them for me. I think I might get one and plant a trailing lobelia in it, it would look so awesome growing out of the top like a wild hippie baby, or out of the eyes.. maybe too creepy. A flutter chia pet! I have been sprouting lots of plants, some in unusual places, like nooks in statuary in the yard and in broken pottery. I planted peas by the bus stop across the street from my house, and seeded some window boxes. Basically, everything looks like prime real estate for my seedlings. Unfortunately, the hail yesterday bruised some tender sprouts, but I am pretty sure that one sunny day will perk them up. I had a great weekend, the highlight of which was going to the Whitsell to see Muppet shorts and rare outtakes. Jim Henson and his crew were absolute genius! I laughed so much that I was crying. Check it out my favorite bit: Animal, Beaker and the Swedish Chef singing "Danny Boy"