Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Amy Earles

Self described: "Heavy handed, easy to anger, not very friendly, a monstrosity basically" ...then you see Amy Earles delightfully creepy and undeniably adorable paper dolls...

Now at Flutter!
Amy Earles
See her post on the history of her paper dolls here:

Monday, September 28, 2009


Autumn is my favorite time of year. It's chilly but mostly dry, so you can wear suede boots and silky wooly things that might otherwise be destroyed in the rain. The smell of crunchy maple leaves and old musty roses and grapes really does it for me, and the anarchic disarray of overgrown front yards and gardens sprawl like an endless altar to fertility. Plus, there are all those end-of summer barbeques and bonfires and street parties. You might run into a unicorn, like I did! This time of year it's also pretty safe to listen to otherwise paralysingly depressing music like the Smiths, or 'Blood on the Tracks'. You could watch Harold and Maude, actually watching movies in general is more of a wintertime activity for me but there is something distinctly autumnal about that one. I'm including a ton of pictures of the shop to try and convey the way the end of September looks in here.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

If ever there was a time to use OMG, now would be it. LOOK!!!...

Come meet our newest found furry friend accompanied by a truly amazing and HUGE vintage large format Camera!

Monday, September 21, 2009


Come Help us Celebrate our 3.5 year Anniversary,
a New Partnership
and Fall!
Thursday, October 15th @ 5pm

Perched high above the doorway, Eric Stern (of Vagabond Opera) will play accordion. Free tarot card readings all night by Mindy and of course sweets and the Flutter staple of pink champagne!
We're excited to celebrate our new partnership, the lovely season and 3.5 years of Flutter!

hope to see you there!
Kalaisha and Cindy


I have a new rule for myself, and that is that I will only allow myself to procrastinate if it's to read a book. It doesn't even have to be a good book, neccessarily, it could be some Nancy comics, but the point is that I will allow myself that time despite the things in my life that need doing. So far it's been inspiring not troublesome, and cuddling up with a book for an hour is the most decadent treat I've allowed myself in a while. It is my good luck, or perhaps bad luck, that Flutter is full of excellent reading material. Most of them have come from Chronicle Books, which has a dazzling catalog of titles. My favorites are the large format photography books, like Posters for the People (WPA stuff), Art of the Modern Movie Poster (eye-popping ads for mid-century movies) and a book of intimate portraits of Frida Kahlo taken by a lover of hers. There's a book called Real Photo Postcards featuring an incredible collection of images from the early kodak days, when it cost a penny to send your own photo-postcard in the mail. Looking through the collection spurred me to develop some pictures and send them off (for quite a bit more than a penny), so you see it's not exactly procrastinating if it keeps me on task, in a roundabout way. That's my hope, at least. Besides, books are a much better vice than cigarettes or alcohol. -s
Check out the Chronicle Books Blog

Monday, September 14, 2009

o summer, we hardly knew ye

Summer's end is celebratory here at Flutter. We've all come back from our various junkets refreshed and inspired, eager to push up our sleeves and get something DONE. Like Aphrodite's yearly dive into the Ionian Sea, summer vacation has renewed our enthusiasm and now we are unstoppable. Cindy and Kalaisha spent a hearty couple of days bringing in all of the glorious bits and pieces they have been hinting about on Facebook. Kalaisha is perfecly suited to her new position as co-chair of Flutter, Inc. Her sensibilities match and flatter Cindy's, and the store this afternoon looks great in that special way that it always does right after a big re-arrange, before all the incredible velvet couches and lush mohair armchairs get snatched up. Their artistic intention is displayed to full effect, colors juxtaposing with just the right amount of cheek and class. It's like dressing a set of a dramatic, romantic play, but with price tags. I asked Cindy if she felt a little sad, setting the stage so carefully and having it dismantled a little bit every day. She said: No silly that's the point! And so, like a Navajo sand painting, Flutter exists preciously, naked to ravaging punters and savvy vintage junkies. Cindy and Kalaisha had more practice set dressing while working on the Builders and the Butchers video with Alicia Rose this summer. Look at this!!

The Builders and the Butchers "Golden and Green" from What Rabbit on Vimeo.

People have been noticing Flutter's good looks lately, and posting flattering pictures in their blogs, like VINTAGE INDIE, JUNKER JANE, SHOP VINTAGE PORTLAND and my personal favorite A SHIMMERING GO-BETWEEN.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Flutter brings in fall...

...With All Hollows Eve steadily approaching, you'll see hints of victorian blood red velvet, party frocks galore, woodland friends, lush new scents, great northwest treasures and books by the stack!