Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Portland+Sun+La La Laurie=Super Duper Busy Flutter!

What a perfect day we had in Portland for the La La Laurie trunk show...the sun was gloriously shining and so many folks were out. Everywhere you looked people were smiling and enjoying the day at Flutter. Rizzo was chasing the leash of a visiting little dog all around the store. Violet, a little girl visiting from Seattle, was chasing Rizzo. Yma Sumac, the ultimate sunshine music, was playing and Laurie's beautiful paper flower boutonnieres, corsages and bouquets made the day even more special. It was such a special treat to collaborate with old friends....what fun we had and here's a few images Craig and Laurie snapped of the day!


Susan said...

Love the second picture of you!
It's so moody and cool, could be out of a movie!

flutter said...

thanks, that was me counting the big money dollars at the end of the day!