Monday, November 3, 2008

Fun at Flutter

This is the best time of year. I love the feeling in here when it's nice and warm but you can hear the rain on the roof and the swoosh of cars on the wet street. I love playing the accordion when no one's in here, and I always get embarrassed when somebody walks in on me. I love helping people pick out presents. I love that I get to have so many random conversations with strangers at Flutter, I am always learning new things. Today I got to talk with this lady about her travels in Laos and Vietnam, it made me want to go. Usually, the tamale lady comes by at noon, and I buy six tamales for $5. Halloween was amazing, I went to a dance party dressed as Captain Hook. He represents everything that's self-obsessed, sleazy and dishonest about adulthood, and he's got great style. I just reread the original Peter Pan by J.M. Barre, it's so deep. At midnight on Halloween I turned 29, and I carried the birthday vibe on to the next night by going out to another dance party. Birthdays always kind of bum me out, I haven't figured out why. It's not the getting older part, it has something to do with attention and expectations. In honor of aging and stop action animation, I'll insert a Penny Cartoon here. These showed during episodes of Pee-Wee's Playhouse when I was a kid, and I love them so much. The dialogue sounds like someone just turned on the tape recorder and captured a kid monologuing.

Sincerely, Sara Kolp


Cindy said...


even at 95 you will be young, that's just you...very young at heart. But remeber, I said this before...40 is amazing, so don't fret you've got a long time and a few dance parties left in you!

now let's talk about those tamales. They're damn good and delivered right to our door! I can't decide which is best chicken or chesse.

The Never Fairy said...

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