Monday, November 17, 2008

Flutter Party Aftermath

Whew! What a good Flutter party. It was a little overwhelming, because I hadn't gotten a chance to explore Sonia's gorgeous sculptures, slips, kimonos and dresses before showing up to work, but throughout the night I familiarized myself with the pieces and I have to say that I am blown away by what I see. The feather pins and hair pieces are beautiful and architecturally intense. She does wonders with careful beadwork and gauzy accents, working the spectrum from subtle to over-the-top. There's one ostrich feather headdress that looks like it belongs on a trapeze artist. There are also great altered slips, like one in hot pink with the word "kitten" airbrushed onto it, tricked out with rhinestones. It seems like lately every time I work there's a dress here, just my size. It's pretty amazing. I wore a black and silver jacket all day yesterday that looked like something a flamboyant bullfighter might wear, and today I found a navy blue rayon dress from the forties with pink and yellow daffodils all over it. I put some ribbon in my hair that is shaped like strings of rosy leaves, and I look so much better than I felt when I came in this morning. The transfiguring power of dressing up is undeniable. Sonia and Julia both do great collages and sculptures that unite their disparate sources of inspiration. It's so much fun to peruse the store on quiet afternoons, a bottle of windex in my hand as an excuse for lingering.. it's like a museum, really, but I can play the Cure all day if I feel like it.

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