Thursday, October 2, 2008

A Very Few Of My Favorite Things....

Creativity is a funny thing. You gather inspiration(there's that word again) from just about everywhere when the juices are flowing. Fall is the time of year when I really start getting excited and busy. The turn of the season always infuses me with 10 times the energy I have in the summer. I feel like I can do anything, be anyone. It's like I had a creativity bail out, which is great since I'm not getting an economic one!

So things that I love this season! Peacocks! The blue and greens are so amazing. I dream of looking out my manor house window and watching my peacocks stroll around the grounds. I am wearing a black silk dress, with corsets and lots of petticoats it's 1850....I watched Bleak House too many times. Lady Deadlock is my most favorite tragic character....
Sir Leicester Deadlock: "Is it still raining my love?"
Lady Deadlock: "Yes my love. And I am bored to death with it. Bored to death with this place. Bored to death with my life. Bored to death with myself."
Me: "That's because you need peacocks Lady Deadlock!"
That last bit is not in the story, but I bet she would be less tragic is she had gotten some.
Anyhow! Jillian Anderson plays Lady Deadlock and has the most incredible wardrobe. Really you should watch all 12 episodes. Yes 12, Charles Dickens never wrote anything short now did he?

Ok, so you get the idea I'm a bit hung up on old things? I am still mourning the loss of Flutters green velvet sofa. Yes, still! Velvet and silk are heavy on my mind these days. I have found a beautiful rayon silk that I am still trying to figure out what to do with. The silk I have picked out three colors and we have all decided on the designs for the new fall pillows for Flutter.
Magenta, Flutter famous turquoise blue, and my favorite of all time black, all of them in Dupioni. Dupioni is a shimmering silk that is created by weaving silk threads of two different colors into a weave that changes colors as the silk is moved around in different lights. Beautiful stuff. Mmmm.

I said a very few of my favorite things....I'll be posting more next week!




flutter said...

yes, so sad saying goodbye to the lovely velvet sofa. But, it's getting a proper Victorian House in Astoria...maybe they will even have peacocks?

Susan said...

Just a couple, I know they will have lots of Victorian rain!