Monday, October 6, 2008

purveyors of soft vices and... trauma care?

Two autumns ago, on a sunday, I was working at Flutter and this woman came in supported around the shoulder by her concerned-looking friend. Her friend told me that she had just been hit by a car while walking across shaver at mississippi, but she said she felt alright, just shaken up. She'd exchanged info with the driver and everything, and all she wanted was to sit and be calm. She sank into some downy velvety couch, and I brought her some water and chocolate, and when she had rested they left. Fast forward to last weekend, at my friend's birthday pizza party. We met at 'apizza scholls', which is really good but maybe not quite as good as its reputation. Someone at the party recognized the signature teal of my gift bag and said she loved Flutter. She went on to tell everyone at the table about her amazing experience there after she'd been hit by a car- some nice lady had given her chocolate and a glass of water! It was pretty funny when I told her that it had been me. Then we all got margaritas at the new 'por que no', which is worth every inch of its reputation. Another really great way to deal with stress or trauma is by laughing. The blog Failblog literally never fails to make me laugh out loud.

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