Thursday, October 16, 2008

Thursday Comes Sooner Than You Think.

It's my turn to post already! Oh, golly. On the mornings I post I generally start going over what my theme will be at around 5AM. In the dark. I just rummage around in the deep recesses of my mind, what I have been thinking about, what I have been working on, things that made me laugh, beauty that I have been in the presence of. This morning it was well, too busy in there. What is it about fall that makes me so crazy busy? I notice a lot of my women friends are the same at this time of year. Of course that includes Cindy who has become the queen of the hunt for sofa's. Sofa's! She's had some swell couches in the shop of late, so swell they don't seem to stay long enough to get acquainted with. I still long for the green velvet, but I did see a sweet dark beauty in there the other day. Nice legs, beautiful shape, dark....Sigh. So, pretty.

I have been waiting for this fabric to arrive so I can start on these pillows and panels which are due to be in the store for the big November change over at the shop.
Waiting to lay my eyes on these pretty fabrics is hard. I am not a very patient person. While I have been waiting the I have taken to reading home and fashion magazines voraciously. I'm starting to think that maybe this just makes me spin faster, but wow, there is some crazy beautiful stuff out there! Alexander McQueen! Oh, his fall collection is to die for. Feathers everywhere, and then I saw this feather chair and this dress with a whole bird on the front! Oh, how completely not practical, but such an amazing sight. I think I would prefer it in hot pink...Feathers, hmm. I always use them on the insides of the pillows but now this has got me thinking about using them on the outside...feathers, yum.



Anonymous said...

It seems all I've been reading and thinking about is politics of late and of course how much I'm losing in my 401k. So how nice to come across this Flutter blog.

You've inspired me to make some changes to the home this week-end. I'm afraid to even go to the Flutter dare I might spend when I shouldn't. But then I think better spend it now while I have it.

Anyway - thanks for getting my brain out of politics if at least for a few minutes....

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Susan said...

Thank you readers...very sweet comments.

The economy, golly, if anytime we need to make our homes comforting and pleasing, this is the time. Time to hibernate in our little personally soothing dens with the TV's turned off!