Monday, October 20, 2008

all i wanna do is.....

I have been really struggling to stay focused on schoolwork. The thing is, I feel so inspired by everything BUT school right now, I just want my fingers in a hundred other pies. For instance, I finally convinced my friend who teaches video to high school kids to give me a basic tutorial on shooting film. I have always wanted to mess around with that medium, and to see if the ideas I have come across well, to take an image out of my head and try to pin it down. I had some friends over to cut out paper shapes, and we made a stop action movie out of that in an afternoon. It was so fun to film, and incredibly gratifying to watch the playback on the camera's mini-screen. Instead of returning the camera right away, I brought it to work and made some more stop action shorts with taxidermy and little figures of hands. It surprised me how easy and fast it all was, and it looks so good. I'm going to start saving for a camera right away. We haven't done any editing yet, so it's all half done, but when it's cut and copied I'll post it on the blog. Oh, and we'll make a sound track too! If we finish in time, it'll be in the 5th Avenue Cinema short film contest. You get free pizza if you enter. I have to admit, it's hard not to totally bite jan svankmajer, since it IS stop action and taxidermy-- being in Flutter is like spending an afternoon in one of his movies. Cindy's got something arty up her sleeve, too- she asked us to draw some pictures of the virgin mary and so we've been filling up this book with madonna sketches. One looks suspiciously like ms. ciccone, and one is a total rip off of a nina hagen album cover. Its so hard to concentrate, I have three midterms next week and all I want to do is lay around and draw. -sara kolp

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