Friday, September 26, 2008

Inspiration from Time to Time

Ok...I said I would join in from time to time....
Yes, Nick was amazing on Monday night! It's obviously a show and performance that will stay with me (and Susan) for awhile. I was so pleased to see so many Flutter customers and friends at the show. It's been a steady stream of folks coming into the shop this week to say...hey I saw you at the show and it was so amazing and it took 2
days to get my hearing back!
Susan touched on the "old thing"....I think that was the beauty of the show for so many of us. It didn't feel felt soulful and fresh and quite inspiring to hear the new songs off his latest and to see the old songs that I've listened to for years come to life before me. It did take me back to years earlier when shows were the priority of my life, but I didn't feel 25 again. I felt 40 and inspired (which by the way is so much better!) was amazing!
Ok...enough about NICK!!!

Many know that the shop gets rearranged into the wee hours of the night to the tunes of Nick. I usually need a little something to keep me going like "Your Funeral My Trial" or "Let Love In". But no one can sing the sweetest of ballads like Nick Cave.
Here's one of my favorites...Far From Me


Susan said...

Yes, not 25 again!

I'll take 35 though. Maybe I felt 35 Monday!

Amy said...

Hey, I was in your store a few weeks ago and loved it so I decided to find you guys on the internet. So I just found this blog. The store and its surrounding neighborhood made me want to move from Kentucky to Portland. Keep up the awesomeness!
P.S. There's a great picture from the store on my blog!

Susan said...

Hey Amy! Thank you for the great compliment. I just had to comment because I was born in Kentucky and I was almost named Amy!
I'm glad you found us, we'll have to check your blog.