Monday, September 22, 2008

I resolve to watch more movies

I know it's not specifically appropriate but this song is so good that I have to pass it on. Maybe it's the chill in the air that calls for smoky jazz and tight wool coats. It could be that the combination of sultry and pensive reminded me of Flutter. It's a clip from a movie I really should find, I bet I'd like it. Lately the colder nights have me feeling like I'm allowed to watch more movies. I always want to recycle the same handful of favorites discovered in my teens, revisiting them because of their familiarity and their context in my own history; dorky movies like "what's new, pussycat?" or classics like "the third man". I have a lot of catching up to do when it comes to movies, which is exciting. For some reason I have this problem where I can never pick out a movie, and if I do I'll often rent it and turn it in late, unwatched. It's an expensive and very stupid habit, I know. I recently had Antonioni's "blow up" borrowed from the library for 4 months and I never watched it. It's not because I have a poor attention span, I think it's just bad time management. Back when I had a computer, I'd get a cheap and quick film fix by watching Svankmajer stop action movies on you tube, or by digging up old music videos like the one above. This awesome lady who comes into Flutter told me about a stop action movie she's working on, based on a Neil Gaiman comic. My daughter Lola read it, she told me it's great. The characters in the movie are all handmade, jointed puppets. Somebody even made teeny knit tights for one of the dolls! Can you imagine knitting doll's tights with pins and floss? I can hardly imagine knitting anything. Perhaps that is another cold weather activity for me to look forward to. P.S., for anyone learning french, the song's title means "requiem for a jerk".

-sara kolp

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