Monday, September 15, 2008

The Fall

I love the fall. The book, the band, the season: its all great, but i am referring especially to the season. Portland weather is sublime lately, with the golden late-summer heat of the sun tempering the slight chill in the air, and the sound of the wind rustling dying leaves.. not only is it romantic, but its positively mystical. According to wikipedia, the barrier separating our world from the world of the dead is getting thinner and thinner until October 31st, when it's completely gone, and we have to wear spooky masks and put candles in pumpkins to confuse the bad spirits so they don't destroy our crops. At least, that's what the ancient Gaels believed. The next day, All Saint's Day, is our chance to honor our beloved deceased when they are closest and most receptive to us. What wikipedia won't tell you is that it is also my birthday, so of course i have a huge love of all things halloween: dressing up, staying up past my bedtime, walking around late at night, black cats, eating tons of candy, costume parties, and all the witchy woo-woo stuff. The only thing i don't like about halloween is gross horror movies.
Flutter right now looks like it's dressed up to go to a spooky masquerade ball. There's a lot of velvet and silk, dyed ostrich feathers, and a wild satsuma-colored crystal chandelier. It also smells incredible, like jasmine cinnamon spicy tea. I think it's from all the scented candles. Cindy managed to find the beautiful little feather and wire birds that we had a couple years ago, as well as some awesome fake owls and crows. I'm looking at all of this finery with a calculating eye, trying to figure out which bits i can appropriate for my costume this year. Obviously not the chandelier, but perhaps the feathers.. i might go for a repeat of last year's fortune teller costume, which was fun because i gave everyone predictions and palm readings and stuff. It's also a very warm costume because you're shrouded in cloaks and scarves and heavy skirts, and mystical vibes. Last sunday, super sweetheart psychic Mindy Montague gave tarot readings in the store, which went really well. I think she'll be here every sunday, maybe through fall. I'm going to ask her for some divination pointers.

-sara kolp

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