Monday, May 17, 2010

Walton Ford

When we get new books at Flutter, it's all I want to look at. Just think, pages and pages of curiosities wait to be discovered between their covers, whose sleeves only hint at what is inside. The art books we got from Taschen were a serious distraction, I have shown admirable restraint by not looking at them all day at work. The photography books from the MOMA store really reignited my interest in that art, and inspired a trip to Blue Moon in St John's, where I spent a long morning remembering how awesome it is to shoot film (and picked up some expired slide film for $1). The newest addition to the family, Pancha Tantra by Walton Ford, has been tempting me from across the room all day. Ford is Audubon-esque in his mimicry of British Colonial illustration styles, but if you look closer he's exploring some very interesting themes. See the excellent bio on the pbs site "art:21", and come into Flutter to have a sit-down with the book face to face.

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